3-D Christmas Cards

So, this year, since I was visiting my PA family in early December, I had the idea to create 3-D Christmas cards, instead of the normal mailed ones. This way I could embellish like crazy because I would be hand-delivering them.

In my large family, over the years, we would all get together right after Christmas and we would all bring small gifts, many homemade, or handmade. When I had my flower shop in PA, it would always be some type of floral arrangement that I would bring. But now I put those talents to paper-crafting. So naturally, this year, they all got something I crafted from paper. And as you can see, I also brought what I learned from floral design about tailoring each arrangement to the recipient.

I have a lot of siblings, and here are the nine 3-D Christmas cards that I made.

The last one I gave out was to Terry on Christmas eve, and she was wearing a shirt that said “Eat, drink and be merry”. How crazy is that! I love my family. We’re all so different and yet so alike. And I suppose the older we get, the better we know them.

The base for all the 3-D cards was this box from the Dollar Tree. I had to scrape off the glitter from the front. However, since it became the back of the box, I could get away with covering it. And then I used the back of the box as the front, which gave me almost an inch depth to embellish in, and pop things up.

I sure hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe got some great ideas.

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