When Mistakes Happen (and they do)

I remember early on being told that there are no mistakes in card making. Of course, mistakes happen, but they are usually easily fixed. Well, here’s an example of a mistake that actually improved the card, and that’s a good thing! (Sorry, it’s the Martha Stewart in me).

The original is pictured first, but when cutting the chocolate chip mat for the second card (which I CASEd from Elaine Shader), I cut it wrong, but decided to use it in a different way. I actually prefer the second card.

mistakes-happen-001 mistakes-happen-002

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The Right Cards

Are you one of those people who stand for “what seems like” forever in the card aisles, trying to find the perfect card that says what you want and at least looks close to what you want the card to look like? Often wishing, you could marry the front of one card with the sentiment in another card. Then, like me, you probably need to make your own cards, so they look like and say exactly what you want.

Not suggesting that it can happen overnight. But with a few stamps, some paper and ink, you can begin to build your own small greeting card business. You may do no more than keep yourself out of the card aisles at the store, but the rewards of making cards yourself that represent exactly what you want to convey and say are priceless.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to get you started, walk you through my pitfalls and successes, as you embark on a journey with card making.

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Card Swaps

I participated in my first Card Swap ever at the Orlando Stamp and Scrapbook Expo this June 2016. There were some awesome cards I got as swaps. And overall, I felt pretty good about the design of the cards I entered. Here are some of my cards. I decided to create several so I could pick which one I wanted to enter into the judged drawing.


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Heart Sentiments

Hello, and welcome to Heart Sentiments.

Throughout the year, or your life, there are times when sending a card to mark an event or share your feelings are so appropriate. Here at Heart Sentiments I understand that it’s all about what, and how you want to, say something. And I hope that the cards, projects and ideas you find on my site will help to reflect your style, values and personality in the cards you create.

If you’re not the creative type, feel free to contact me and share your vision, so that I might create it for you.

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