Grandma’s Quilt Card

After making several types of quilt cards, the Grandma’s Quilt Card, while looking complicated, is relatively easy to make. Start with a 2 3/4″ square of card stock on which you glue five 1/2″ strips of patterned paper. In this example, we use the 6×6 inch paper pad called Regency Park. And you make two different squares.

Making quilt squares with 1/2" strips of paper

As you can see, these squares are then cut diagonally. They are reassembled on the card front to create another quilt square. In essence, it looks like there were many pieces cut to create the new quilt square. But as you can see, you only need to cut the squares a certain way and reassemble them to create what looks like a very complicated design.

Quilt squares cut and reassembled
The square of the left is cut diagonally and the triangle piece on the left will be added to the bottom to complete a new square.

This is the final card with the new quilt square attached.

Grandma quilt square card

The Grandma’s quilt card was a fun quilt card to make. However, through trial and error I did discover that you need to cut the diagonals the same way. It might not seem like there is a difference, but there is.

For each class I make extra kits, and then I bring the leftovers home to make cards for my inventory. I thought this design was also appropriate for an anniversary card. So, here is that sample, too.

Grandma quilt card for anniversary

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