How I spend my time sheltering in place

How best to spend my time sheltering in place, that is the question. Being retired, I already spend a lot of time at home. But sheltering in place added a new feature to my days, in that I couldn’t just jump up and run out to the store to pick up an item or so. I now had to plan my outdoor trips more carefully. It also meant that I had lots of extra time to devote to other things. One thought that crossed my mind, was how could I use my time sheltering in place to do something helpful during this horrible situation we find ourselves in with this pandemic.

Then this thought occurred to me. A member of our church is currently residing in a local nursing home, who no one can visit since all of these residents are in lock-down. So the only thing I can do is send her a card to let her know that we are thinking about her. It only followed that I could send a card to each of the other residents as well, since I spend most of my days now making cards. Addington Place was happy to hear about my offer to drop off cards for the residents, and today I delivered 65 cards for all the residents as well as one for the staff. I hope that it makes them feel as good as it made me feel to do it.

These are some of the cards I particularly liked.Nursing home cards

For the most part they were one of a kind “thinking of you” cards, that allowed me to use up current and retired designer series paper and pre-cut card bases, along with ribbon and other embellishments. Depending on how long this lock-down goes on, I may start working on another set of cards for them soon.

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