Inking on 3D Embossing

Right now there are so many videos on how to do inking on 3D Embossing. Going through the motions would only be redundant. However, I encourage you to look up the various techniques. You will find many that you love, and possibly all of them. I am simply going to share some photos and explain how we created them.

The Workshop cards

In this class, we used the Layered Florals 3D embossing folder. And participants learn how to ink both the back, debossed, side of the embossed panel, as well as applying ink to the front of the panel.

I try to give those who come to my classes, choices in the cards they make. Not many in the class chose the card on the left. For this card, you apply ink with a brayer over the back side, or debossed side, of the panel. Because the floral images are debossed, the ink only covers the raised or blank side of the panel. The card on the right uses the embossed side, and we colored the one floral with small blending brushes.

Other cards used to further demonstrate the technique

When demonstrating something new like this, a technique or tool, I bring samples showing different ways to use them. Here are some of the other samples I brought to illustrate some of the techniques I picked up by watching the videos of other paper crafters. And, I am happy to list Tina Zinck and Jennifer McGuire as two that I follow closely.

This next card was created with the inking done after the card panel was embossed, by inking on the back or debossed side with a black stamp pad.

Card made with Layered Florals 3D embossing folder and then was inked on the back side of the panel with black ink

Finally, using a different embossing folder, these card panels below were inked after embossing on white card stock. Notice how much detail there is, where some of the ferns can clearly be seen on top of other ferns. The ferns in the panel on the left are inked with several colors on the debossed side with blending brushes, and then swiped with the Mossy Meadow ink pad across the whole panel. The panel on the right was swiped with a Pear Pizzazz ink pad, after embossing, on the embossed side. Such different looks can be achieved by inking on 3D embossing. I just love the look!

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