Playing with Stamping Foam

In my small Senior Center classes, I like to try out new ideas and techniques, like playing with stamping foam. Some of the ladies were familiar with this technique from years ago. However, there is an updated version of stamping foam, introduced by a crafter named Simon Hurley. And, it’s his foam we played with in this class. If you want to learn more about stamping foam, see one of his videos here.

I brought many panel samples that I have been playing with since Christmas (hence some of them are Christmas themed). They include using the foam on stamps, embossing folders, dies, and even my scoreboard. Anything that can give an impression in the foam is fair game for this technique. Even something as subtle as a textured paper towel can create an impression. We inked and stamped the foam directly. We also tried spritzing with water after inking to create a more-watercolor look.

Inked card panels made using stamping foam on different surfaces.
The top left card shows inking on the side of the foam only. The bottom left card shows ink blending where the foam was impressed with dies. The top right impression is from my scoreboard, and the other two from embossing folders.

We spent time inking up, spritzing and stamping with these foam samples, that they could take home and make cards with. But I brought two samples of finished cards I had made, shown below.

Cards made using stamping foam to create background images.

As you can see from the cards samples above, you can quickly create simple backgrounds, that only require a sentiment or focal image to make a beautiful card. If you invest in this inexpensive tool, I know that you, too, will have lots of fun, playing with stamping foam.

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