Woven paper strips

Of course, you can weave lots of materials, like yarn, ribbon, fabric, twine, cable, even pie dough. But have you ever tried woven paper strips? Well, in this week’s class, that’s exactly what we did. We wove strips of patterned paper to create a quilted star. Maybe I should have renamed this post “Quilted Star”, but we’ll just leave it as is.

Note card using woven strips of paper to create a quilted star pattern on it.

Given that we added a paper butterfly across where the paper strips are woven, it is difficult to see them. However, I am going to recount the steps for those who might want to create this.

Four 1/2″ x 6″ strips of Hello, Irresistible paper were woven across the center of the 3 1/4″ white square and adhered near the outside edge. the excess was removed. A 3/4″ white square was added to each corner to complete the star look. The panel was then embossed. And, finally added to the green background piece, cut 1/4″ larger.

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