Layering Banners

For my first class of 2023, layering banners seems like a good fit for a New Year’s card. The long retired paper from Stampin’Up! makes the perfect use of layering banners. Some people may call these flags or chevrons.

New Years card using layering banners

To make sure your banners or flags have the same shaped chevron, line then all up together at one end. Then cut them all at the same time. Since they are all cut to different lengths, when you line them up at the uncut end, they will all look perfect. If you shift one banner to the left of the center one, and one to the right of the center one, it adds more dimension.

The only thing holding the layering banners together is the ribbon threaded through two holes punched at the top. The ends of the ribbon are threaded from the front to the back through the two holes. Then cross them over and thread them back through the opposite holes.

Unfortunately this pretty paper is no longer available. But you can find many beautiful papers that are currently available through my online store that are perfect for any all occasion cards.

This is definitely a festive card, perfect for celebrating the New Year. Welcome 2023! Looking forward to a bigger, brighter year.

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