Front Flap Fold Card

In creating this card, it was more about using the beautiful patterned paper than making this double front flap fold card. Karin Sommer Braxton demonstrated this design in her youtube video tutorial seen here. It’s a long video where she first creates a card in the vertical format, and then in the horizontal format, like this one. When I first saw this card, I couldn’t wait to make it. And I think the class really enjoyed making it too.

Hues of Happiness -flap fold card

Outside of all the cutting and fussy cutting for this class, I think it’s one of the prettiest cards we made this year. A horizontal card like this, I think, creates much more of a wow factor, given the double front flaps. Of course, embellishing the flaps makes it all the more appealing. But the star of the “show”, this card, is really the beautiful Hues of Happiness designer series paper. It does make you happy just looking at it, right!

Hues of Happiness -flap fold card close-up

Now that I’ve tried this double front flap fold card (try saying that quickly) in this horizontal format, I will have to try it as a vertical card too.

After looking through Pinterest, and making many other cards with it, I know another pack of this paper will be in my next order. The ombre sides of this double-sided paper are as pretty as the roses sides. In case you can’t resist having some of this beautiful paper, you can pick a pack up by shopping here.

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